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1. Simply run the cheat before launching the game.
2. Run the game and enjoy.
3. If you are having trouble with the injection, try to run it again.


Order the LIFETIME Among Us hack now, and receive it directly after purchase for just $19.99!

Among us is getting popular day by day, Many and many people are playing the game because of its portability and fun gameplay with friends, If you are looking for a awesome Among Us hack for PC, then you have come to the right place.

We are here with a new Among us hack with a lot of features like: unlock all skins, always being a impostor, see impostors, radar hack and much more.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Among Us Hack Features:

Become always Impostor


Kill Cooldown Bypass

Confuser: Change your name in-Game

Infinite Sabotage

Character and Length Bypass

Vent as a Crewmate

Kick Vote Bypass

Confuser: Change your name in-Game

Panic button (Disable all hacks)


Player Movement Hijack

Chat as someone else or chat as everyone

Infinite Sabotage

Unlock all Items

Chat Cooldown Bypass

Infinite Range

End vote

Enable Role Changer

Safe mode

Infinite Vision

See Impostors

Kill Other Impostors

See Ghosts and Ghosts Chat

Complete all tasks

Move WHile Venting/Invisibility

Kill Through Walls

Enable Tasks

Rainbow hack: Change Color, hat, Costume constantly

Among Us

Among us Radar Hacks:
Radar Hack is a simple hack where you can see all the locations of the enemies on a minimap, many YouTubers and streamers are using this functionality with an external cmd window so it won’t get detected on your stream and you will know who is the impostor.
Among us Force Impostor Hacks:
Force Impostor Mod is very simple it’s just set you, impostor, for every game, but in order to prevent this from happening the game developer set the force impostor to server-side, So now you need to be the host of the lobby in order to become an impostor with the mod installed.
Among us Speed Hacks:
Among us speed hacks are really good, you can set your custom speed, you can also increase and decrease other people’s speed in this game easily.

Among Us Hack

Download your Among Us hack, and become a God! Awesome features like, become always Impostor, see Impostors​, wallhack and many more!